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Bethel Athletics Announcements

 ♦This weekends games at Bethel: Fri./Sat.-Feb. 24th & 25th♦

Friday: Feb. 24 @ Bethel Elem.
6:00pm: 7/8G- MP-Prescott  vs  7/8G-BT-Harris
7:00pm: 7/8B- MP-Ferguson  vs  7/8B-BT-Harris
8:00pm: 7/8B- BT-Stafford  vs  7/8B-BT-Newell

Saturday: Feb. 25 @ Bethel Elem.
9:00am:   5/6- MP-Love  vs  BT-Brooks
10:00am: 5/6- MP-Walker  vs  BT-Lowry
11:00am: 7/8G- CON-Loveland  vs  BT-Smith
12:00pm: 7/8B- MP-Troutman  vs  BT-Stafford
1:00pm:   7/8B- MP-Ferguson  vs  BT-Newell
2:00pm:   9/10B- MP-Walker  vs  BT-Collins
3:00pm:   11/12B- NW  vs  BT-Eudy
4:00pm:   11/12B- BT-Hartsell  vs  BT-Shabosky

 ♦Next weekends games at Bethel: Fri./Sat.-March 3rd & 4th♦

Friday: March 3 @ Bethel Elem.
6:00pm: 7/8B- BT-Harris  vs  7/8B-BT-Newell
7:00pm: 9/10B- BT-Baggs  vs  9/10B-BT-Collins
8:00pm: 13/14B-Cruzado  vs  13/15B-Bruner
Saturday: March 4 @ Bethel Elem.
9:00am:   5/6- BT-Brooks  vs  5/6- BT-Lowry
10:00am: 7/8G- CON-Hagans  vs  7/8G- BT-Harris
11:00am: 7/8G- MP-Prescott  vs  7/8G- BT-Smith
12:00pm: 9/10B- MP-Kluttz  vs  9/10B- BT-Baggs
1:00pm:   9/10B- NW-Darwin  vs  9/10B- BT-Collins
2:00pm:   11/12B- BT-Eudy  vs  11/12B- BT-Patton
3:00pm:   11/12B- BT-Davis  vs  11/12B- BT-Shabosky

**Last Basketball Games At Bethel Elementary For The Season**


*Spring Sports Facilities Work Day: March 25- 9:00am*

•Spring Sports SUPER SATURDAY: April 29•

~We are inviting vendors to set up during Super Saturday. The charge is $20 for the day or 10% of profit. If interested or have any questions, please contact: Christy Furr at or (704) 490-0612~


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