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Bethel Athletics Announcements

 **With rescheduled games being every Friday due to Jan. 7 cancellation, below is

Revised Practice Schedule for remainder of the season starting Monday Jan. 23:

6:00: 5/6- Brooks & 5/6- Lowry
7:00: 9/10B- Baggs
8:00: 11/12B- Patton & 11/12B- Davis
9:00: 11/12G- Tucker
6:00: 7/8G- Harris & 7/8G- Smith
7:00: 9/10G- Blanchard
8:00: 11/12B- Eudy
9:00: 13/14B- Cruzado & 13/15B- Bruner
6:00: 7/8B- Newell
7:00: 9/10G- Sawyer
8:00: 11/12B- Shabosky
9:00: 13/15B- Anderson
6:00: 9/10B- Collins & 7/8B- Stafford
7:00: 7/8B- Harris
8:00: 11/12B- Hartsell
9:00: 15/16B- Batchelor
9:00pm(After last game ends): 13/15G- Parker

We have two more halftime spots open for this season on March 2 and March 4, both games are at 7 pm. If your team would like to come out and play at halftime on the court the 49er men’s and women’s basketball team plays let me know and we can sign your team up (must be in 8th grade or younger).


*Revised Season Schedules Posted On BASKETBALL Page*



*Spring Sports Facilities Work Day: March 25- 9:00am*

Spring Sports SUPER SATURDAY: April 29

~We are inviting vendors to set up during Super Saturday. The charge is $20 for the day or 10% of profit. If interested or have any questions, please contact: Christy Furr at or (704) 490-0612~


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